2020-12-23 21:16:52 (UTC)


It's finally christmas and I haven't gotten my money yet
I hate having money but I really like having money
It's like one of my dillemmas, should I do it for the art or the algorithm?
short-term or long-term? but one thing is for sure, i'm never going to work in the office
There's no life in there, all the office people I have met, I didn't really like them
they are the type of people who would do everything for the money
and also the type of people who is lying to themself
maybe i'll laugh at myself in the future with this sentence lol
If i'm ever gonna work, I should learn how to be in a manic phase all the time
gonna read alot of books, apparently billionaires quote alot of books lol
I talked to my friend and then I asked him "what's going to make you feel better"
and he responded with "ngl i don't even know"
I felt that lol
ok sentimental moment here we go bye