deanne and Connor

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2020-12-23 12:11:41 (UTC)

my Offering to Him

Master is on his way today to visit family for Christmas. So i knew that after yesterday that i will not be able to see Him, nor even communicate with Him, for close to a week. This is just a forlorn fact of our relationship but one that we both recognize, accept and live with -- a very large reason why we are so perfect together.

Knowing he would be leaving early this morning i arranged to visit with him late yesterday afternoon. When He completed His work for the day we met. i also knew He didn't have much time due to having dinner plans so i knew in my mind what i wanted to do for him prior to his trip. We met, kissed and cuddled for a few minutes but i also wasted little time as i ran my palms over his chest in a show of affection. i unbuttoned His shirt, lifted it off His shoulders and down His arms, tossing it aside. i then unbuckled His belt, unsnapped and unzipped His jeans and coaxed them down across his hips and thighs, then proceeded to remove His shorts.

i then put my palms back on his now bare chest and made little circles, flicking across His nipples, before making larger circles which allowed my hands to drop down lower, teasing His hardening shaft. We kissed as my hands continued to roam, eventually softly holding the underside of His shaft in my palm, feeling the need and desire it conveyed.

i helped Him lay down and snuggled beside Him, taking Him in my palm and softly massaging and stroking Him. Very soon He began to leak that sweet, slippery precum that coated both His shaft and my fingers. He moaned in my ear as i slowly but rhythmically stroked. Soon He instinctively spread His thighs further apart and i took the cue to move down between them. Initially i simply teased the soft head with my lips, tongue and teeth before engulfing Him and giving Him the supreme pleasure of being deep in my mouth, with my lips, tongue and back muscles providing Him with the exquisite sensation that He craves from me.

It didn't take but a few minutes before He was gripping my head and began grunting -- the sure sign that He is on the cusp. A few more thrusts on His part and continued coaxing on my part and He erupted. The initial spurt made it right into my throat and i captured the remainder in my mouth, puddling it and bathing His cock in the warm, slippery reward that He gave me.

As always i then moved up and kissed Him passionately, sharing between us the fruits of my labor and the gift from His adoration of me.

i received nothing in return, but i also expected and required nothing in return other than the gift that i earned from my servitude. It is truly all i need from Him.

i miss You already, Master. Please drive safely and enjoy the time with family.

Your loving and committed wench.