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2020-12-23 09:06:29 (UTC)

Fingers crossed for a nice day 🥺

So that project that my boss dumped on me is still lingering. I called a mtg with all people that are involved. So yeah...big mtg this morning. Gonna get to the bottom of this issue. That guy yesterday was not the most helpful and to me, he is kinda on the wacky side. Sly talker that knows how to shuffle and shake from the actual problem which was he swapped his server and he either cabled it wrong or configured his server wrong or both. Bottom line is he messed up and he wants me to try to band aid fix his issue by making major tweaks to the Network infrastructure . Well, it aint gonna happen but I'll have to explain to the customer the how and why. Here's the tricky part. There will be higher ranking managers that won't understand techie jargon so I have to dumb it down to make it palatable for them to understand too but techie enough for the Engineers to understand what I'm trying to explain. Ok, enough of that.

I actually have coffee made very early this morning. The reason? Well, not because I was the early bird. Only because I made coffee yesterday afternoon and didn't drink any. 🤪 So I just nuked it and voila!! Hot pressed coffee. Woohoo!! I think pressed and percolated coffee are the two best ways to make coffee. I guess if I had one of the $1,000 dollar coffee machines being able to make espressos and stuff like that, I'd chose that instead but I'm a little short on money to be buying $1,000 coffee machines. At least for now. hehe.

It's cold out. In the 30s per Alexa but I do have some time this morning to chill. In bed, under a fleece blanket with my coffee using the hot cup to warm my hands. I don't hear too many cars out. Must be because the holidays are near and peeps usually take some time off during the holidays. I hear just mostly the birds outside. So yeah, I'm sure my heartbeat is at a relaxed rate right now. Schedule for today is going to be light for work. No gym classes from today till next Monday. The owner of the gyms decided to give his employees paid time off for all the things they had to deal with due to Covid. Good guy and a great thing to do for his employees. Doesn't do me any good though but I understand. They will have live online classes starting tomorrow so that will have to do till Monday.

I do have room since the pool table room is now empty. Still haven't converted it to an exercise room though. Just a mat and jump rope and that's good enough for now. I plan on breaking my record of jumps for a day. I think I did 1,400 at most. So I'll go for 1,500. Not all at once of course. Just in groups of around 200 at a time and then rest for 15-30 seconds before going again. Enough time to wipe my sweat in between and maybe drink some water too.

Otherwise, not much else to do except for one errand. I do have to return one Amazon purchase. It was too small and I actually have the option of returning it to Khols. Not having to pack it or anything. Just return the open package and Amazon gave me a barcode via email to get scanned. That works fine by me 😊.

One major bad thing though. I got some really bad news. Almost didn't talk about it but I guess I should let it out. My friend had a stroke. Unsure of the status but I spoke to his girfriend (my long time friend) and she told me he had a stroke and had bleeding in the brain. He is in ICU now but he is coherent. Talking but with a slur. Like all hospitals, no visitors allowed so he is all alone in there. Same thing I went through when I had surgery on my neck. His gf told me he can't feel on one side of his body including his leg. So we are now guessing if he'll need home care services? Can he rehab and walk again? Questions we can't answer right now and we are just guessing at most so I try not to think about it. He did tell me something once though awhile back. He is just drinking himself to die. Don't know if he meant that or he just said it in the moment and don't really mean it but he did say that.

I know my friend. He will not go to rehab. He will not stop smoking and drinking. He will not work on his diet nor will he hit the gym like I do. He and I weren't too different at one time. You see, we were dart partners together for years. We'd go to Vegas and enter amateur world tournaments. We one a few 1st place trophies together. We also won some regional California first place trophies too over the years. I threw away a bunch of my trophies but the ones I did keep were the big event trophies and most were from my friend that is now in the hospital. We had a lot of fun together over the years.

We used to drink so much beer. One time, I was throwing like it was lights out. I was throwing so hot that night. I couldn't lose but I had to be careful because I would get reranked and we'd end up going to a higher bracket. Problem is I can't dump and never ever will and would refuse to even when my partners would warn me I'm throwing too hot. Nope. Not right and not in my blood to do so. However, it don't mean I couldn't drink my ass off and handicap myself that way. I remember once, our dart machine was next to a wall on the right side of the throwing line. I was so drunk not because I didn't want to throw bad but because well...I liked to drink. I swear the dart board was spinning. All I could do was to focus on the bullseye since that was the only part of the board that wasn't spinning. I had one hand on the wall and the other hand throwing my darts. hehe. The other team was literally shaking their heads. Didn't matter. Still kicked the other team's butt 🙃. Anyway, the one night I was throwing with my friend, I purposely drank so much beer to handicap myself. We went through 6 pitchers of beer that night. Fast forward to today. I mellowed out a lot. I now drink maybe 6 beers in a month. I'm into wine now and usually have a couple of glasses. My friend? He never slowed down. He never worked out. He never ate right. I feel so bad for him. He is such a good guy. Always gave. Never greedy and one hell of a dart player. Sucks to get old I guess.

Hope he pulls through and maybe this might be his awakening and he'll turn his life around and try to be healthier. That's all I got this morning. Later diary :)

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