London Life
2020-12-23 16:51:18 (UTC)

Lovely views

22nd December 2020
After Jack had taken his parcel to the post office, we went to St Espresso for lunch. We got takeaways there throughout the last lockdown, but they're now doing only coffee. So we decamped to Ellie’s and ate our food at a bench by the station. Later I managed to clear some bits of pieces of work before my boss has a couple of days off and I can take it easy.

I had to leave work at 1600 to get to a task at Southwark. I went straight down Farringdon Road and over Blackfriars Bridge (always nice to see the view along the river from there) and got there in 25 minutes, despite lengthy stops at the traffic lights on the bike routes, and met Girija outside, who was wearing an unusually long skirt. We were putting sprouts into plastic bags, then sorting various food items into paper bags, each containing the ingredients for one recipe. We then had to allocate requested meals for each flat number. Of all the girls volunteering today, I’d only met Laura before, and that was last Saturday. We had a brief chat all together while doing the sprouts.

Fleur, from Camberwell, is an 18 year old who was caught up in the A-Level fiasco, but her results were OK and she’s taking a well-timed gap year before going to Manchester University. Gemma, who I also chatted with individually, was working in Sydney at the start of the year and was actually hoping to be stranded there, at the outbreak of the pandemic, but managed to get back to the UK. The task overran by an hour, and two of the girls had to leave, but three people was more than enough for the final task, which was to pack the paper bags of food into crates and then take a few out to the estate. In normal times, the place is a charitable café.

Only when Fleur and me were getting our bikes, and she took off her face-mask and let her hair down, did I realise how beautiful she is (so, another nice view). Though I remembered while gazing at her, that she’s actually young enough to be my daughter - if I’d have got off with a very handsome man. Sadly she wasn’t captured from the front in any of the CA photos; I’ll have to do a task with her again.

I cycled back along the South Bank and through a once-again eerily deserted Covent Garden. I always enjoy the ride back from Waterloo Bridge, it’s relaxing, and an attractive route, which I knew without hardly thinking. I got an onion from the Gaga shop to make cheese and lentil loaf, but instead Jack put it in some sausage buns he put together, and we watched the second part of the Poundland documentary.