London Life
2020-12-23 16:39:22 (UTC)

The shortest day

Monday 21st December 2020

It was the "shortest day" today, and there were virtual runs organised by Portsmouth runners at sunrise and sunset. The London sunrise was supposedly 08:01, so I got up at 07:00, expecting it to start getting light about half an hour before the sunrise time. However it was still pitch black with about ten minutes to go, so I could have got up a lot later. I eventually left about five past, and ran for about 35 minutes but it was still only partially light, and because of the cloud cover there was no sign of the sunrise.

At lunchtime, Jack left work early to give blood in Holborn, and I walked down there a bit later, along Gray’s Inn Road, down High Holborn and to Red Lion Square. I didn’t know where he was actually giving blood, and I decided I needed to leave to go home at 13:10, but he phoned up two minutes before then, from Kingsway, and we walked home together, getting some vegan snacks from Greggs for lunch.

As I’d woken up for an hour in the night, and got up so early, it was hard to get down to work and I drifted into watching more of those music videos where girl dancers and rappers wave their bare bums at the camera, caress themselves and gyrate while scantily-clad, and occasionally touch each other. I had the sound down and was actually listening to other music on Deezer at the time. I was extra tired after both my run and the nearly two-hour walk at lunchtime, and I decided not to do the sunset run. There was no visible sign of any sunset anyway.

We were supposed to be going to the theatre tonight but it’s all off, of course. I made some mejadra and we watched a fly-on-the-wall television documentary about Poundland, who are trying to go up-market.