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2020-12-23 01:11:23 (UTC)

The day went by so quickly 😱

Wow! I got a call from a customer early this morning before my shift. To be honest, I was still in bed (That effer!!). Next thing I knew, it was 1:30PM. It was a Network build that I had no clue about since this was done while I was out recovering from surgery. Customer was just irate and flaming me venting about this and that. I had to reverse Engineer what was built. Found out that it was working. But when he replaced his hardware and reconnected the cabling, it didn't work anymore. Get this, he wanted me to magically fix it by making some network changes to make it work the way he had it connected. So to the folks that aren't in IT and feel like it's all Greek to you, I'm telling you now that there are IT people that don't know what the heck they are doing. Common sense and street-smarts ( Hey!! That's my pen name here on this site 😊) still prevail in the IT (eyes rolling) world. The thing is, I know I'm right and even though this guy was upset and don't know what he is doing, it made my day at work go by much faster. Also, it made me understand this network connection and how it works so that is a plus. If not for this guy breaking something, I wouldn't even have known it existed and my day would have been longer. Now I know enough about this Network build to be dangerous and 5:00PM came by so much quicker.

After work, I once again went to my customary gym class. Eye-Candy coach was back. Told her congrats on surviving the layoff. She said she was shocked too and so glad to still have her job. Especially since she's been a coach only for a year and the guy they let go was on for three years. Told her I like the other coach but I don't mind at all having our eye-candy coach still with us. We both laughed and I'm a man whore 😇. Just me being fun and doing some innocent flirting.

Today's class was a mix of Tabata and AMRAP. We had to pair up today for parts of our workout. Still distanced but you team up with the person next to you. Erica worked out next to me today. My lost puppy gym friend. She always picks a spot next to me now only because she still don't know a lot of people. She opens up more to me now initiation conversations and people are now asking who she is when they get me alone. So she's slowly becoming one of the cliques. She's the same curly haired lady that works out old school. I mentioned her before. She wears shorts and T shirts. No yoga pants or any superhero looking tights like other gym ladies.

Coach paired us up gym peeps tonight (still socially distanced). Erica was next to me so she became my partner by default. One person would do 8 burpees while the other would do bicycle crunches till the 8 burpees were done.Then switch places and repeat. Do that for 8 straight minutes. Then another 8 min of one person doing 8 Spiderman pushups while the other person does dead bugs till the 8 pushups are done. Rotating again. During our workouts, I peeked and see she is fricking rocking it. Dang!! I have to rate her as one of the top gym people there. Not top woman, top gym person period. She is no rookie. I make up nicknames for gym people. After awhile they seem to accept it and actually answer to me when I call them their nickname. I call Erica fake-rookie. She is a badass gym peep but she looks like she could wear an apron and be baking cookies. She has that kind of a face and attitude that is homely(that a word?), humble, and just sweet looking in general. She don't dress up in slutty outfits nor wear perfume, makeup, and jewelry during class. She's probably only around 25 years old.

Still didn't rsvp to Shanti's Christmas dinner party. Got a text from the ex wife about something. So insignificant I deleted and forgot what it even was about. It's also cold as heck right now. Fighting not to turn on the heater and wearing sweaters and a blankey instead but brrrrr... I don't know any alcoholic drinks that is hot. Room temp red wine is the best I can do but letting it sit gets it cold. I guess I can try heating up some brandy and give it a go maybe? And I had the same beer in my spare fridge for over a month now. Not into beer so much anymore but it's also been too cold to drink beer. That's all I got. Nothing exciting but also no drama and I'll take that anyday everyday. That's it for now. Goodnight diary :)