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2020-12-22 19:51:00 (UTC)

Shoutout: Best Kathryn A Gonzales Moments

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Thursday January 21: Kathryn makes her Thai Food from Friends Thurs Teammates:

Thursday February 25: Kathryn sees her Violations List from what happened to them:

Thursday March 25: Paola G, Kathryn G and Thea Lopez for their TikTok Dance Challenge:

Thursday April 8: Cheerleading Practice: Thea Lopez Alma Ramos, Kathryn G, Karla G and other friends thurs girls:

Thursday July 8:

Thursday August 5: Itzel H, Kathryn Gonzales for their hit song in the 90s Real Love:
Thursday September 23:

Friday October 22:

Friday November 12:

Thursday December 30:

Thursday January 6: Kathryn, Margarita, Thea Lopez, Andrea Lugo, Constan K and Brisa Yassi performing Hot N Cold on their opening performance:

Thursday March 24:

Thursday May 19: Kathryn birthday message to Margarita:

Thursday August 24:

Thursday September 21:

Thursday November 2:

Thursday December 7:

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