Mr. Know It All

18 ) A Day In The Life Of A Stud
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2020-12-22 19:22:41 (UTC)

Pre Christmas Car Play

So today is the last day that R and I will be in the office before Christmas. So this morning apparently as she is getting ready at home she sent me a text saying “want to eat some lunch”’and a picture of the short skirt she is wearing. So naturally I say yes and I knew what she was wanting eaten.

11:30 Comes we meet down at my car and take take off directly to the parking garage that we have figured out is pretty private. Climb into the back
Seat and start kissing like crazy. Touching feeling. Sucking her long gorgeous nipples. Then i scooted
To the center of the back seat and she pulls her skirt up and takes her panties off and leans forward between the two front seats and balancing herself on the center console. She lets out a “Eat that Pussy baby”‘and. I dive in with every intent to make her explode. It can now be easily determined that she loves being eaten from behind. 4 minutes later she has exploded and somewhat squirted on my face.

She falls back into the back seats and into my arms where we cuddled and talked for a while. Until she took my cock into her hand then into her mouth where she took it deeper than ever before. She came so close to making me explode until I pushed for her to get on top and ride my hard shaft. and ride she did. In less than 5 minutes we both had cum. I got few paper towels to help her clean up since I released such a big load.

We didn’t have much time
At thst point so we got
Dressed and back
Front where we kissed for a little while longer.

When we got back I let her out at the door before I pulled into the garage. While i was getting on the elevator I get a picture of her apparently I the bathroom with some of my cum on her fingers. HOT to say the least.

We hope to meet up at the office on Saturday or Sunday.

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