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2020-12-22 09:06:18 (UTC)


Today, Sheldon turns 13. Been opening one gift per hour since 4am.
He’s in bed napping at the moment. Was up all yesterday and all night.

Indio asked to come up yesterday. He left a message on my voicemail.
I unblocked and called,
He was going to spend the night, I said no.

He said he’s sorry.
He said he is a fool.
He said he Didn’t break up with me.

I stayed quiet.
I said there will be no living together.
There’s no spending the nights anymore.

We can be friends. See how things go.
He doesn’t think he will be here Christmas Day, that’s cool.
I’m going to take a few gifts out tho, and donate them to someone who cares and will appreciate them. He can keep the ones I can not return and he needs.

I’m not doing anything special anymore.

A friend, found a one week old pure bred chihuahua for my son. Free.
Indio is not happy. His dog is not pure bred. And pure bred cost money but, I’m special 🤣😂.
Indio said...
You can’t afford to take care of yourself why get a dog...
This coming from a homeless, jobless, man who had me take his dog because he had no place for her. And he wants to lecture me?
Not going to happen.

6$ for a bag of food a month and 3$ for treats a month.
Shots and neutered will be on payments like always.

I’m not turning the pup down.
My house.
My choice.
Will be good for my son.

I’m not letting him control things no more.
It’s good to talk.
It’s better that I’m able to stand up for myself.
I’m not going to put everything into it.
Not anymore.
I will be civil.
I will focus on my life.
I will keep my lines drawn.
There will be no adding me on FB, Snapchat, Skype, PlayStation, nothing.
Plain old fashion calls and text only.
No video calls.

Hearts been hurt 3 times too many.
3 strikes, you’re out.

Lucky he has me being social.

He already started his insecurities again. Knew he would.
What friend he asked, why not give a name....why say a friend....
Because you never remember any of my friends unless it’s DD1. So, easier to say friend.

I will not, be at the phone waiting. I’m living my life, my way. Want to be in it, show me. Be supportive. Be respectful. Be nice.

I feel good about my decision.
This will be a slow weeding out process. Not a sudden one. Easier for me.

I have the house almost completely cleaned. Just need the kitchen now.

So I’m off to it while my little angel birthday boy is sleeping.