Do Not Disturb

2020-12-22 10:04:06 (UTC)

All Over The Place

I'm really bad at when it comes to writing on here. I use to write everyday but since I've been working night shift I haven't had time really then when I get home I get really tired and take a bath and go straight to sleep. Over the weekend I spent the night at a guy's house that I know. We fucked yes. It was good yes. I don't know how many times we even did it because it was that good. He fixed me some breakfast made sure I ate and yadah,yadah, yadah. He says we should do it again next time. I'm off Friday and Saturday of this week so maybe this weekend. We cuddled and everything. Got drunk. He got high. We had even more sex before he had to take me home. It was so good. I needed it to be honest. But I also wonder.. What are we ? I say friends with benefits. But I'm tired of being friends with benefits with someone. I want to be in a relationship that's worth fighting for you know.

We kissed goodbye once he dropped me back off at home and hugged. It was nice cuddling with him and stuff. He has two dogs amd two cats. He lives with his sister. Roomates. Bruno and Diamond is the name. I don't know what the cats names are.

Nigel asked me where I been all day. I lied and said at home sleep. I mean even though I'm single he doesn't need to know my business like. Don't do that. But theirs a chance that I might see him around New Year's or before then.

I mean I was twerking and everything. We were dancing to songs and I kind of got high and I wasn't even smoking. I was just around him a lot hut I don't care.

I'm definitely not working on New Year's or New Year's Eve because who wants to spend their New Year's at work at night when the clocks strikes 12 with no one to kiss ???? Certainly not me. No mam. But yea that's what happened to me this weekend. I know right boring.

Me and Kel still aren't on no speaking terms because his girlfriend thinks theirs something going on between us when theirs not because it's not. I confronted him about the situation Saturday and I didn't even get not one peep out of him. He just looked at me kind of sad. I've been trying to talk to him for the longest and nothing. I don't know how to get him to talk to me. I mean this was the reason why I was trying to avoid me telling him that I liked him because I knew shit like this was gonna happen and now he told his girlfriend and shit drama is everywhere. He said that he had a feeling that I liked him but wasn't sure. Well, I'll be damn. But I'm just his co-worker. He said that he was shocked that I told him that I liked him. I mean he wonders why its been months of why I kept it a secret and told mostly other people and not him because I try and avoid shit like this. Shit like... Drama. But I'm over it. The sooner I quit. The sooner the better.

- A

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