Experienced Life
2020-12-22 01:44:41 (UTC)

Finally a wash after a weird Sunday 😊

So today was much better than yesterday. Yesterday was kinda weird so I just stayed on the down low. Today? Today was a much better day. So I take it as a wash from yesterday.
Today, I kicked butt at work. Of course, I did the gym thing. The day went by quick because we were pretty busy. At the end, my boss wanted to dump a project on me that should go to another team that does just that. I feel like I'm just being tossed around cleaning up for other groups just because I'm skilled on all the other group's work. Sort of a Jack of all trades.

Our coach is back. The female one that I've said to her as being "eye candy". Yeah, I'm stupid and say things sometimes without thinking. But she is a cute coach for sure. Very nice size butt. hehe. I'm surprised she wasn't laid off because we had another coach that was around for 3 years. She hasn't been around for a year yet but they let him go and they kept her instead. No complaints from me. I think I know why he got let go and she was kept. She actually corrects the gym peeps during our class with their form. The other guy? Well, he does enjoy coaching us but he's more into dancing to the music and less correcting of the gym peeps that need it. So I guess that's why.

After class, some gym peeps gave me birthday presents. Gym members? Cool. I like buying stuff and receiving cool stuff is even better. I love giving presents and love getting presents too apparently. hehe 🙃

I called the shop that is gonna do my truck. All the parts except for one is there but if it doesn't come, they'll substitute it with another part. It's the upper control arms for my truck. If you don't know what that is, no worries. It's just a piece of metal near the tires that is part of the suspension. haha. Just 13 more days.

I decided to take off for a few days after my truck is tricked out so I can cruise around somewhere. Not sure where yet but I'm gonna go and I'll be singing Bohemian Rhapsody in my truck as loud as I can with the music just as loud. Maybe I'll go camping. Maybe Kayak fishing? Trout should be lighting it up right now at most of the lakes but it's cold as heck. Launching my kayak at the boat dock, still gotta wade into the water up to my knees and if it gets too close to my..... nuggets, I may pass out from the cold 😱 Yeah.. we shall see. Gonna enjoy my few days of vaca. It's gonna precede with the weekend so yeah... life is good. I got buku vacation time anyway so I may as well use some of it. Can't really fly anywhere just yet. No trips to Canada, New York, Maui, or S Korea...for now.

Still haven't decided if I want to go to Shanti's for Christmas dinner. Jenny invited me today to her place for Christmas if I want to but she's with her dude and her kids so I'd feel like a 5th wheel there but she says I'm family so that was nice to hear. You know though, I don't mind at all if I stayed at home with a cozy fire drinking some warm alcoholic drink to keep me warm maybe watching Aliens for the 100th time. I see people with brandy in that big bottomed looking brandy glass swirling their drink. Looks cool but yuck!! I can't drink brandy. I know I know. Whimpy man. I'm fine with that.

Anyway, being alone doesn't mean lonely. It's how your state of mind is that puts you where you want to be. And right now, it's all good man. hehe. From another series I like. That's all I got tonight. No drama. No stress. Got my happy chemicals flowing from working out today. Going to bed with a smile on my face.

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