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2020-12-21 22:03:54 (UTC)


I have no Kingdom, Cult, or Cool Affiliations.
For 11 days I have not been able to sleep at night.
I am an adult.

Here are some things that have been going on at my house.

Two of 4 apartments in this building are empty, but there is stomping and noise in them 24hrs/day.
Since October I have had plumbers at my house 6 times because the toilet stopped flushing on Mondays and Holidays.

The noise has been so unbearable and constant for the last 11days. I searched the property to see if there were any signs of squatters, breakins, or damage to the outside. I found connected to my Verizon Fios box a 1920's looking apparatus made by Continental Telephone and Electronics Company. I went to their website and saw they are manufacturers of earthmovers and large vehicles. They provided a course of action for corruption and fraud. I did not place this device here, I removed the device and a portion of the sound stopped. But there is still a beeping, a thunderous humming, and unusual polarity of water in the house.

Continental Telephone and Electronics Corruption Line-via phone ( 49 1802 38 44 27) Please help me contact them if possible due to IT online security standards.

I keep to myself. I am a millennial and I am sure most people are more concerned with hearing themselves talk than they are about actually resolving a problem. I am posting some information here because after the week of 30 min naps, bruising, gum in my hair, and broken toilet I wanted to appeal for the record to anyone who can make it stop. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE BEING EFFECTED BY THIS SYSTEM. If you know of any way to hands on stop the corruption and drone attacks in Mount Oliver you feel free to contact me.

was hidden on top of my Fios box has been removed. (yes i called the police, and yes a total of 4 people continued to loom around the property to see what I was going to do with its remains). The THING has been removed and I will be pursuing further action UNTIL the stop of the ABSOLUTELY DAILY noise and drone harassments.

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