London Life
2020-12-21 20:18:36 (UTC)

No monkeys, except for Jack

Sunday 20th December 2020
I forgot to mention yesterday that we were supposed to be doing a task for people living on the street in Trafalgar Square, but it was postponed, as was the tree-planting this afternoon (the trees hadn’t arrived). This morning’s task at St Stephen’s, which was to double-up as a farewell to Abi before she moves North, was also called off, because of the new restrictions.

So today we just listened to No Such Thing As A Fish, went on a walk round Regent’s Park, getting a paella at the Lock and a coffee in the park. We got to see some camels at the zoo, and a glimpse of a giraffe, but no monkeys.

At home we listened to the Amazing Chart (Yard Act are number one!) and Jack watched the BBC Sport Personality Of The Year programme. I don’t like awards shows, they are too gushing, and this one seems to be treated as if it’s some kind of official national honour.
While it was on, I was working on my top records of the year, looking at my monthly playists from this year.

Yesterday, Jack asked me for a card holder, to hold a couple of his debit cards, and put it in his unzipped tracksuit trouser pocket. I said it might fall out, but he said “It’ll be all right”. I also remember thinking “it’ll be all right”when I put some good water-proof cycling tracksuit trousers on the back of my bike, which then fell off somewhere, so I’ve learned my lesson.

Sure enough, Jack had lost his cards by the time we left for Walthamstow yesterday, and had to stop them. He’d given up looking for them by today, so phoned to cancel them, but found them later inside our front door, where they had dropped out, luckily not in the street somewhere. But I’ll have to finance him for the next few days, until his replacements arrive.