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me and my life
2020-12-21 04:05:12 (UTC)

Dad is no more

My father passed away on 19th Dec in the morning. Even though he was sick his dismiss was unfortunate, it was unexpected so early. It was hard on me and mom to see him sick and to tc of him while he could not move his body. Am glad that i was with mom in such difficult time.
I have seen ppl die twice with him and with my granny. I have seen people taking last breath.
Life is so precious is what I realised. So live fullest because when you are suffering it's your own, when you passing you are alone. I hope my father has no complains from us. Because I have forgiven him for all the trouble he caused us whole our life. I pray God may his soul rest in peace.
Am worried for mother, how can I leave alone and plan for Canada. I really have to think well before j plan my future. I want her to be my side wherever I go. She is my gem. My life, I owe my life to her. Also I hope I'll be a better daughter.