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2020-12-20 16:40:59 (UTC)


Indio packed up and walked out of our lives for good today.
4 days of not talking I sent a message I don’t like the silence, I guess you do, but I don’t, so figure out what you want....
He chose to grab the dog and go.
So my final words were, with no tears,
You got fired from your job,
Are homeless,
No custody of your kids nor visitation,
Lost a good woman
And lost a good kid
All in a week. You’re doing an awesome job, and he drove off not to be heard from again.
That was 9am this morning.
My son cried.
But I gave him a gift early and reminded him we can’t force people to love us.
He’s better now.

But, I’m eating my first meal in 3 days.
Been depressed and was thinking of the nonexistent life yesterday

When a door closes, another opens.
I was not happy.
Neither was he.

I can not live anymore days wishing I was dead.
He didn’t support me. In any way.
Didn’t help cheer me up.
He did at first, but when he got homeless, he changed.
I never asked him to leave.
I asked him to figure out what he wanted because this silence wasn’t good.
He chose the door.

That’s my update.
I will, be fine.
I can heal better this way :)
I truly believe that.