London Life
2020-12-20 14:16:47 (UTC)

The physio who told us about Tier 4

Yesterday I cycled down to later-than-usual gardening in Bloomsbury. I met Laura from Southwark, who I’d seen coming from the direction of the Tube while I was parking my bike, and guided her and Lee-Ann round to where we usually meet. Emily was there (she said she could even come next week) as was Ivy and a new girl, Rashmi, who’d walked from Tufnell Park.

It was a bit inefficient having the mulch at one side of the park, and the plant beds at the other, and we only had three wheelbarrows, but we managed to cover the plant bed. Everyone was saying it had rained earlier, and it started again as soon as I got home.

Jack had been to see his friend, and in the afternoon we got a train to London Bridge, to see a physio in Borough. We had the idea the appointment was 15:30, and I without giving it much thought, I assumed the 15:00 appointment in my diary was a mistake, instead of checking my confirmation message. We got there about 15:25, and he had another appointment at 16:00, so we had limited time. He squeezed my ankle a bit, said I should get a scan and we booked another appointment for January.

I hadn’t heard any broadcast news since 09:00, and it was the physio who told us there was to be a new Tier 4 which would cover London until the 30th, due to a more contagious Coronavirus variant which is spreading in the South-East. I got a Guardian alert that Boris Johnson was making a statement and we listened to it after we left the physio. He's done U-turn because he dislikes making a decision until he’s got no choice. No-one is allowed to visit other people’s houses, or meet more than one person outside (but you can still go out and exercise).

Around Borough market and along the South Bank, it felt more like London as we used to know it, busy and a bit chaotic. Most girls had done their hair and make-up, more so than when we’re out at lockdown lunchtimes, wearing sexy skirts and boots. We went to the Strand where Jack needed to buy stuff, and got a 29 bus home.

We had to get to Walthamstow for Jack to deliver presents. We forgot to get off at Blackhorse Road, then at Walthamstow Central Jack sat at the platform for ages wrapping things up. The bus went past the reservoirs, which we’ll probably visit on a cycle trip soon. We delivered the presents for Dan, many to pass on to others, who instead of having a huge beard, has now got shaggy long hair. I thought I’d finished the Top 100, but I had to run it again after a lot of data wasn’t picked up. Jack had a call with his family.

There was a picture in the media of people shopping in Oxford Street, which showed our Jacqui, facing a different way to everyone else.