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2020-12-19 12:19:13 (UTC)

12/19/20 11:11am

Still not a word from Indio. 2 days now.
I’m always the one to make the first gesture of breaking the silence.
Bit tired of feeling like I’m the only one trying to make life work.
Despite my pain today, loaded up the trash and recycling and drove it to the dump and recycling center.
Was icy out. Is icy out.
But I went anyway.
Bought some groceries.
Tuesday is Sheldons birthday.
Need to go Tuesday and get the gift he wants.
Rainbow six siege.
I got the call of duty Cold War already.
Still battling a headache.
Body hurts like hell.
Other than that, going to try and wrap some Christmas gifts.
I’m so far behind this year. Just been one of those years where the pain I deal with daily is debilitating me to no end.
It’s to the point where I just have no joy, no nothing but depression and pain.
He is in the room, still not a word of course, so I’m going to close here and figure out something to do.
I can’t stand this silence.
But I’m tired of trying.
I want to be treated better. Appreciated.
Can’t force that on someone who clearly is using me.
Another painful day....in all aspects.