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2020-12-26 15:30:00 (UTC)

Shoutout Big Brother: Friends Thurs: Camila Redona:

January 25, 2021: Camila Redona:
Camila: Hi Big Brother! I am Camila Redona, 20 years old, and I am from Chula Vista!
(camera clicking)
Camila: I am Taurus, and I love boys so much, and I am officially dating around the school for 11 years! My birthday is on May 19, and I am officially 5'5!
January 28, 2021:
February 4, 2021: Ashley Robles gets angry with Camila on their relationship dating:
February 11, 2021: Valentine's Day Gift Exchange/ Brisa's Sweet Message to Camila for the Gift Exchange:
February 18, 2021:
February 25, 2021: Camila has Violated/ Camila felt heartbroken for the violation list/ Game Challenge: Hidden Tablet:
Camila: I absolutely got 6 violations so much, and it was the audition part for every single day. (sniffles, gets a tissue)
March 11, 2021: Camila has been eliminated at the Saved by the Smell Challenge:
March 25, 2021: Choreography Dance Reaction:
April 1, 2021: Basketball: Camila Vs Karlie Fernandez:
Gigi: Begin!
(Camila and Karlie are playing basketball, and Karlie makes the basketball shoot, and she makes a point)
Gigi: 3 points for Karlie, sorry Camila Redona, you have been eliminated!
(Camila sits down the bleachers)
Rolando: Good job Camila!
Camila: Thank you. (drinks water)
April 8, 2021:
April 29, 2021: Kilig Goal Moment -Katie D:
Peerant: What is Kilig in English?
Katie D: Romantic. That was the filipino word.
Peerant: Oh I see! (drinks water)
(Rolando and Camila are enjoying the view at the pool)
Camila: Are you happy now baby?
Rolando: Yeah. (speaking spanish) (kisses on your forehead)
Peerant and Katie D: Eeeeeee!
Peerant: I absolutely enjoying the kilig relationships with Rolando and Camila.
Kimberly Romero S: (holds my cup holder) What's going on?
(Kim, Itzel E and Thea Lopez are staring at RoMila's relationship)
Thea Lopez: I turned around when I was in downstairs, and I raned into the other Friends thurs Teammates, and they sawed Kilig goals with RoMila.
April 30, 2021: Final Day Before the Shoutout Studio:

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