Carrie notes
2020-12-19 04:27:38 (UTC)

Christmas Friendship

In this moment, when the store clerks are busy, eyes and ears scanning the TV and radio in search for the best Christmas offers, my thoughts turns to the live meaning of Christmas, to the purity of the sincere emotions, to the ones that don”t surrender to the mere consuming speal.
It’s in this time of the year that comes to me in an even more intense way, the perception that friendship is a gift that has to be preserved at all costs, whatever season, rain or sunlight.
Friendship is a kind of gift we can Exchange with no worries of public speal, no worries of vile metal, because it isn’t felt in our pockets and our budgets. And that’s why it has so much value and that’s why we don’t find it in shopping cart.
Friendship is a greater gift than anything we can aquire. Born aparently out of thin air, but when it instals itself in our soul it transforme people in their best, and so, helps the world in becaming a better place.
In this Christmas, friend, receive all my care, my gratitude and my happyness vows.

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