2020-12-18 08:42:28 (UTC)

A Space for Art

It's a sunny weekend after a few days of constant rain. The best thing to do, probably, is to get dressed and walk my dog but there's a special kind of laziness keeping me sat on my bed. Not to go back to sleep or anything, just to daydream and linger in the inner workings of my mind. Plus, it's so warm.

I managed to do something quite fun yesterday; I 'designed' the painting first, then did a rough pencil sketch of the actual drawing. That way it's very much ready to be 'copied' onto the canvas. I guess the work within the different processes is what instills the idea that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. And having a studio definitely helps. Last week I just sat there brainstorming and came up with enough concept ideas that I might end up creating a series for an exhibition. Another great thing about having a studio is that all of my works and materials are, for the first time, in one place. When everything is laid out in the open it's much easier to figure out what I have to work with so far and what still needs to be done. Change of setting, change of mind, I guess. It's not ideal but it's a very good start, is what I tell people. Next thing I know I'm making money out of it.

It's quite the blessing to be able to look at past diary entries in which I've written about wanting to have my own space, my own studio, and to finally be able to write and do art, reading past the uncertainty and the panic of those days and delighting in the fact that I'm on my way to have all these things now.

I'm yet to establish a fixed morning routine though. That's... probably because I don't have a fixed SLEEP routine, quite frankly. No one's perfect. I'm attempting to journal more as well, for the sake of keeping tabs on the days. I haven't been writing that much in my private journals either, which isn't SUCH a terrible thing considering I've been focusing on stories a lot more. We'll see. 2020 is almost over anyway.

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