Carrie notes
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2020-12-18 04:47:25 (UTC)

Warmest Wishes

Christmas songs synthesizes almost everything I’d like to say to you!
I think this Christmas we should thank God (or ask, if that’s the case) for our health and the strength he gives us to work and to be happy.
It’s simply our health that permits us to have the force to battle for “money in our pockets”, because that’s what gives us disposition to go after our objectives, to fight loyally for our interests, to transform our own and the people we love’s lives into much happier lives.
And that’s why, this end of year, I’m only asking for health for me, for you who are my friend, and for all those who are on this planet.
With more physical, moral and spiritual health we will all live with a lot more love in our hearts and more possibility of having money in our pockets, and everything will be a lot better.
With more physical and spiritual health, we could fight for a world with more justice, harmony and pacific, with no mo wars and stupid conflicts!

Merry Christmas and a HEALTHY New Year,

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