Carrie notes
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2020-12-18 04:44:12 (UTC)

Holiday Wish

Another year has gone by, another page turned on the book called life, once again I have the impression we got over the obstacles in our way, beside the difficulties. I’m sure next year will be much better, because my faith and hope are working on that, and you deserve it because you are so loyal and dedicated to other people…
My feelings toward you go beyond our parenthood, it’s like a profound care, like I’ve chosen you to be a friend, beside our familiar relations. To me, you are a reference of being well, and your way to encounter diversities and looking at the future in a confident way.
May you be truly happy next year. May you have, like every family, health, joy, peace and tranquillity. May you continue encountering your day – by – day difficulties with patience and knowledge and may you continue like that, solidarity and loyal, as always.
To finish, have a big hug, a huge kiss, and my sincere votes of happiness not only for next year, but for all your life!