London Life
2020-12-17 23:47:32 (UTC)

A lack of energy

On Tuesday, I really didn’t feel I had the energy to cycle up to Finchley, so got the Northern Line and just cycled at each end. Only four turned up at Northway: the others were Paul, Kat and a new posh bloke called Joseph, from Edgware. Most of the task had been done by other volunteers so I just moved some piles of grass then went on a run.

This wasn’t easy, as I was expecting to be gardening in the cold so had a jumper under my shirt, and I was also wearing wet-proof cycling trousers. Earlier I went to St Espresso with Jack, the last time we’ll be able to sit in a café until London’s out of Tier 3, which started yesterday.

Yesterday I was going to run to a present-wrapping task at Weavers, but was a bit put off by the rain. By the time I left, the rain was very light, but I had to get the Tube by that time. When I got to Stepney Green, I had to run anyway and was about nine minutes late. However I met Hannah and Eva outside and we were let in by the usual charming young girl.

The present-wrapping had already been done before any of us arrived. I offered to help Hannah and Eva make a clock, but decided three’s a crowd for that task so went upstairs and did some painting with Tracey and Jacqui. They did shelves and walls but I just painted a big yellow plank, white. I was a bit worried about tiny bits of paint which landed on my red dress, which smudged when I tried to pick them off, but it washed out.

I helped Hannah and Eva make the number 4 of their clock-face, using a coloured pipe-cleaner, and watched Becky and Jo attach an electric train decoration to a wall. Jo is easy to talk to but a bit overwhelming.

Afterwards, CityMapper suggested returning home via Bethnal Green Overground station. I found out for the first time that the Bethnal Green station from Liverpool Street, is not the one of the same time on the Central Line.

We went to Ellie’s for lunch (now take-away again, due to Tier 3 restrictions), and had an Allplants meal when I got home. I decided I needed a rest so pulled out of a task in Herne Hill tonight. I only know one of the people going (though it is the lovely Frances C), and although I enjoy talking to people I haven’t met, there’s a limit to how many new people I’ll actually see again. I’d already deleted myself from Friday’s similar task, so I could have a night in with Jack, but I’ve since signed up for another one elsewhere.

Today we had another Investment mini-conference. During that and afterwards I was determined to catch up with my overdue cases, and I sorted out more than 20 today, as well as other requirements. We got a katsu curry from the Box Park for lunch, and a coffee and croissants (for breakfast tomorrow) from Hidden.

I got a present from my department manager. She’d said I had to give her permission to use my home address. I replied (too late) saying I didn’t want a present, but she’d already sent it, and it was only a few bits of spicy vegan chocolate, which were rather nice.

I also got some sort of present from my sister. We were all supposed to have agreed a few years ago not to send presents to each other, but my brother sends a calendar of his own pictures. I haven’t seen my (much older) sister since 2015, I’ve not really got anything in common with her.

I was supposed to go on a run, because I wasn’t going out, but I forgot until it was too late. We watched two films in Simon’s Thursday group film night, about 5-day races across Welsh mountains, then went to Waitrose. The man on the door told me not to leave my bike outside, unless I locked it.