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2020-12-17 18:49:08 (UTC)

Gut Health Documentation

Personal entry follows.

I'm concerned about a recent development in my GI health. I do think that, if it persists into next week, I should visit the doctor. I'm recording this here in the event my health issues do persist and I need to have some sort of timeline (and to hold myself to visiting the doctor perhaps in January). I have a direct/acute history of colon cancer in my family (my dad died of it at 48, and my first colonoscopy was at age 28), so I want to keep tabs on this sort of thing.

For the past couple months I've been taking psyllium husk capsules as part of my regular supplement regimen. Typically it's been two capsules at night before bed, along with my vitamin supplement. Starting in perhaps mid-November I'd felt okay, and wanted to curb my usage for some reason. I'd read that over-dependence on using it could cause irritation in your bowels, blockages, and so on. I'd also wondered if I was having adult-onset appendicitis or something, because irritation developed, and seemed to be localized to the lower-right region of my intestines. Like, in the area just above my pelvis/"pelvic bowl." The appendix is there, and I've not had mine removed.

After the Thanksgiving holiday, I started up psyllium husk again, typically 1 or 2 capsules at night, but for only four nights a week, or every other night.

Saturday, 12th December I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling nauseous and bloated. I felt a tightness in my gut I'd not remembered experiencing before. I stayed awake for another couple hours before going to sleep again. I'd not taken any psyllium husk since then, thinking I was aggravating my gut somehow or causing constipation.

Sunday, I noticed my first bowel movement of the day seemed large, and maybe dry? It didn't seem like a solid mass, but rather lots of nodules pressed together that fell apart when they were in the toilet. It wasn't unusually dark, so I don't suspect any blood in my stool. No hemorrhoids, either.

Earlier this week, perhaps Tuesday night, I'd felt the same kind of tightness and irritation. Standing up seemed to relieve some of the tension in my gut, so while at work I'd taken to standing up at my desk for a few minutes at a time. After such a break, I'd go back to sitting and work.

Today, 17 December, I feel a persistent tightness in the right-hand side of my gut. It seems below my stomach, again in the right hand side. Pressing both sides of my gut, I don't necessarily feel any pain or tightness in that area any more than I do the left side. But it's an otherwise inexplicable pain there.

This could be related to a shitty diet. However, I've not indulged beyond my usual amount of cookies and pastries. Fresh vegetables are part of my dinners 80% of the week, and I regularly eat apples, oranges and a banana each day. Am I drinking too much coffee? This could be a possible source of irritation. But I've been drinking a couple pots of coffee a day for years now.

One thing I've added to my diet recently is cream of broccoli soup, from the same sandwich shop I pick up my evening/vegetable sandwich. I switched to soup from my customary three-pack of cookies, in an effort to cut extra calories (plus, hot soup is pretty great this time of year). Might this be the root of my issues? Am I more sensitive to dairy now? This soup would represent the only dairy I've eaten regularly, though eating pizza with cheese has also re-entered my diet maybe once a week.

Exercise regimen hasn't changed much. I am still on the exercise bike typically five days out of seven. Weight is steady round 193 - 195, and has been that way for years now. I haven't been very gassy lately, and in fact I recall being so gassy in the past that I've talked to my doctor about it. Reducing tofu and soy milk in my diet seemed to address this back then, and it's not like I've picked up the habit again.

My typical daily meals consist of rice cakes with peanut butter and trail mix, fresh fruits (mentioned previously) and a rice-lentil dish with salsa on top. I usually make two of my three meals a day, being some variation on these two options. The diet has been this way since mid-March, when I began working from home.

I've had acid reflux in the past, and this doesn't seem like that. Although I woke up nauseated that one time recently, it was a different feeling than when I suffered from acid reflux.

My father died at 48, his brother died at 52, I had a first cousin who died at 37. All various cancers. I need to keep tabs on this.

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