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18 ) A Day In The Life Of A Stud
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2020-12-17 19:41:44 (UTC)

(18up) Day 2 work from home her home

Well my second day of working from R’s home actually started last night when she sent me a text asking if she could ask me a question. The question was “would you mind if we experimented with bondage and submission tomorrow. You spanking my ass has really stirred up a desire to see what it’s all about “
So naturally I said sure. I had no idea what limits R Wouid have but we would see what happened.

When I arrive I circle behind the house pull in the garage and shut the door again. However this time when I enter she is standing there to greet me with nothing but whip cream covering her breast and pussy. She walks toward me
And kisses me so passionately. And asks if I can help her get rid
Of her whip cream. So I licked slowly off her breast while sucking her nipples before I lay her back and begin licking it off her pussy. Let my tongue rub across her clit multiple time. She gives the can of whip cream and asks I I wanted more so I squirted some deep inside her push and spent the next 15 minutes eating it all up. The mixture of her juices and the whip cream was heavenly. This was all on the kitchen table.

We move to the bedroom where to my surprise she had two silk robe ties tied to each side of her small French doors going inte her bedrooms bath. She kisses me so passionately and asks me to tire her up which I did. Fairly tight

I touched every square inch of her body from behind. Pinching her nipples playing with her ass. Fingering her pussy and ass. Then I find to hair clasp and apply them to her nipples she had no idea it was coming. And she said it hurt but felt great. I then pulled by belt off my pants and spanked her bare tight ass with it 5 times. You could
Tell really stung but she liked the pain. She was able to scoot back far enough for me to enter her from behind it was hard and rough as she requested me pulling her long hair until you could tell she was to the point of exploding. She came so very hard. And I did as welll deep inside her pussy. She sort got weak in the knees and I untied her and picked her up and carried her to her bed.

We laid and talked And dozed a little for 30 min before we started playing and kissing again.

She went down on me and literally took my cock down her throat. Her eyes watering so much. She then turns around and mounts me reverse cowgirl. But I asurpised her and a finger in her ass. It seemed to give her an amazing feeling so much so her juices were running everywhere. Her ass my legs the bed. I teach up and pulled her hair with my other hand and that pushed her over the edge. Cumming and Cumming and cumming I slowly worked my finger out of her ass as she laid back against my chest and slowly backed off my cock. She rolled over and started stroking my cock with her hand until I was about to explode I got on top of her straddled her and covered her breast and Chin with my full hot load.

At this point we were about to of gone as far as we could. But there was enough energy to go at one one last time In the Shower. She was bent forward against the wall as I went deep in side her relentlessly. And with that she came one last time.

Amazing day!!

Unfortunately because of school schedules day 3 can’t happen.