Eureka Winnie

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2020-12-17 16:36:11 (UTC)

My Diary NSTP Journal

As I was doing my activities in the Journal, it was hard for me at first for the reason that the subject was new for me and the daily activities that I did was the SWOT ANALYSIS, the SLU HYMN, Mental Health awareness, Environmental awareness and the Summative Assessments that was done. In this parts, when I was doing my activities it made me hard to accomplish them since I was at work and my studies have been neglected lately. There are also times there are no signal and when it came back all the requirements have been piling up and some work was really hard to finish. The solution that I did is that I balanced my work and my studies in which I put more time on school rather than work. This gave me time to finish it and my next problem was the signal. I am at the province right now and even if we had a Wi-Fi connected here it seems that sometimes there are no signal. So the thing that I did is to work on that day and do my school work in NSTP when the signal came back.

What I learned in doing these activities are that it really aims to promote our values to education, patriotism, and nationalism and for development; And I knew that even if these things taught in online classes and I may not be able to apply what I learned physically I knew that I can apply it soon when quarantine and if COVID ends. Furthermore, I really thought that NSTP was just an extra baggage in the class for which class are required to attend, but I was wrong. It taught me to give importance to the environment, and help others. Lastly, what I realized when I was doing my activities was the fact that I don't have time management. I was really trying to balance, but I really lose track amount of time, and it made me miss my previous activities. Another thing that I realized to myself is that I really should not skip the topics and just go through the questions asked specially when I had no time and rushing because it made me overwhelm when I was answering the questions.