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18 ) A Day In The Life Of A Stud
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2020-12-16 21:59:18 (UTC)

(18 up) Day 1 working from home Her home

Well as I said Rs husband is away on some hunting trip. Her Child is at school so we both decided to work from
Home. Her home!

I got there at about 9 pulled around back and into her garage. She told me shut the door and come on it. I call for her and she doesn’t answer. So I search for her where I find her on her bed in a very sensual black teddy. Looked amazing.

She asked if I wanted to join her which naturally I did. We wrapped our bodies around each other’s and began to devour each other. Her c cup breast were delicious. Her throat was taking things a lot deeper today and her grinding against my leg got it drenching wet. So naturally it wasn’t long before that wetness was all over my face. She sat on my tongue and leaned forward to suck me. Her hips began to grand against my face when she exploded. Squirted all over me and the bed. Even though she could of collapsed
At that moment in time she kept working on me until my load was forced deep into her throat. It was amazing. We Laid and talked as we regained our composure and strength. We had to move another bed because of how wet that one had gotten.

As we were moving we decided
To get a drink before we knew it she was bent forward or the kitchen cabinet taking it from behind. I gave that gorgeous ass two sting smacks which just set her off into
Her second cum
Of the day. But she screamed
For me to keep going. She said give
It to me. Then I pulled out and shot all up her back. From her ass to her neck. She remained leaning forward
To enjoy the warmth of my load on her body. Instead of cleaning it up I rubbed it all in. I wasn’t sure how she would like that but she must of reallly loved

We went to the new bed where we took a quick power nap in each other’s arms.
Then we started making out And rubbing all over each other again when I asked about her toys. She went into her room and came back with three.

I worked a big dildo into her ass with plenty of lube then got on her missionary and started to take her DP virginity. It was so tight from
The extra pressure coming
From her ass. It gave her an amazing feeling. I fucked her hard for
15 min until she came
Again. This time like never before. She was so loud. Moving so much. So out of control. For 3 minutes after she came all she could say was “oh my fucking god what just happened”

We used up the anal card on that one but it was well worth it.

We fucked three more times today the last one in the shower. I came three times and her 7. The last time on her face again.

Tomorrow is day 2 and the last day to work from her home.

Any requests?