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2020-12-16 18:56:19 (UTC)

Marry for Love..PLEASE

This entry is a little close to home. It's not entirely bad but watching it makes me want to do things differently. My mother always use to tell us to marry for money but I'm guessing she said that because she struggles with my sisters and I. She obviously doesn't want the same for us. I always let it go in the one ear and out the other because for me that made no sense. You should get married because you love someone and you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

My mother has been through the most with my father, he had a drinking problem and obviously that would create problems in any marriage. My mother did everything to try and help my dad but you can't help someone if they don't want it. Also he had to get help for himself and not for another person even if it was his wife. Thankfully he is all sober now and he has changed for the better. My parents have been divorced now for a long time. When I was in matriculates my mother started seeing this guy after she got divorced. Apparently she grew up with this guy and everyone in my family kinda knew who he was. My mother was dating this guy for about two years, their first fight broke out over the phone and when my mother asked if I'd go with her to this guys place so she can talk to him, I didn't say no. When we got there there were a few young children running around. This guy has two grown ass children. There was a lady packing her bags into the car. Always believing the positive side of anything I assumed she was family of his ex wife. We walked in and greeted this lady and her kids. My mother proceeded to go into the bedroom and this lady followed her. The lady looked very did my mother. She asked him "Who is this?" He had a blank ass look on his face. My mother answered..."I have been seeing this man for the past two years..Who are you?". She said..."I got engaged to this mad last night". (open mouths) We were all so shocked obviously. After some screaming and shouting we left. Months went by and this crazy ass lady started harassing my mother at her job. More months went by and my mother decided to forgive this fool. Years went by and my mother is married to him. While I was in China another incident occurred involving another lady. This guy is "a man of god". He had to get married to become a deacon. He could have done that without marriage but then while being a deacon he would not be able to get married. Judging by this guys actions he only got married for the sake of being married. My mother bends over backwards for this guy and his ungrateful kid and all she gets in return is a slap in her face and some disrespect. The people in his family disrespect her and he never has the balls to defend my mother or even let them know that disrespecting his wife is not okay. He just allows them to treat her any way. My mother doesn't want to be alone which I think is absurd. I would rather be alone and happy then be married to such a man. I mean they argue all the time and mostly about his grown ass daughter. I would never interfere because in the eyes of the older people you're being disrespectful. The point of my story is that you should never get married for any other reason than love. In my opinion marriage should be your choice and it should be done in your own time. It should not be rushed or taken lightly. I mean your making a commitment to someone and I think that kind of commitment should be honored.