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2020-12-16 09:00:37 (UTC)

Quiet and peaceful birthday 😌

Yesterday was my birthday. Like most people, we couldn't really celebrate our birthdays this year. I guess if your's was earlier this year, you could have squeezed a nice party in there. But not me. I had friends that said we'd party later. Told them not to worry. We party enough for no reason at all anyway. Got my typical happy birthday announcements on Facebook and that was nice. Someone at the gym said they forgot to bring me a bottle of wine but they are bringing it sometime this week and the class was nice enough to yell out happy birthday to me. So yeah, nothing crazy happened. Instead, I had a nice day at work and a peaceful non-drama birthday and I will take that kind of a day anyway.

Facebook of course posts past b-day pics and those were some nice memories. Past b-day events were at steak houses, sushi bars, wineries, massage parlor (legit non-sexual one) and even Vegas popped up Yeah... good times. This one can be chalked down as a nice quiet peaceful b-day with no hangovers. hehe. 😈

Got a pysical therapy appt today. Focused on my left hand muscles only. Gonna miss my 5:30 aka: cool kids gym session as I always say to everyone and will be at the last session instead at 6:30PM. Won't be as much fun because I rarely go to the 6:30PM session. I still should know a few of them there though so it'll still be fun and ok.

19 more days till I put my truck into the shop to get the lift, wheels, and tires. Finding out that lifting a truck can be like a black hole. Other things pop up and you have to spend more money to remedy, correct or enhance. Yuck, but I'm ok with it. Next mod I will need to get after that will be to get a speedometer calibration kit. Bigger tires will make the speedometer seem like it's not going as fast. While it's good that my mileage won't be the same as actual miles thereby making my resale value stay high on my truck, my speedometer will show a lower reading than what I'll actually be driving. That to me is important enough to fix and I saw a kit to do that. I can even do it myself. Not too hard but that's another one-fitty ($150). 😱
So I guess truck upgrades can now be considered one of my hobbies? hmmmm.. Also, the grill that Toyota puts in their new/newer trucks are ugly chrome looking grill. The trend now is to go non chrome preferably black. So... Amazon I went. Ordered a new grill but with red lettering for the Toyota lettering since I do have a red truck. Should look pretty cool. These are pics on Amazon but the grill looks good.

This is the speedometer kit that corrects my speed once I get bigger tires.

Last night at gym class, our coach asked us what our goals were while in class. We supposed to yell out our name and state our goal. People said the usual. Weight loss, health, better eating habits, etc, etc. Typical gym answers. When it came to me, I yelled out my name and I said "two pack". Got everyone laughing but yeah, can't get a six pack but two is possible. Pre-covid, after a good core workout, not eating that day just yet, and if the light shined on me just right, I had a temporary two pack. Hahahaha. All the stars had to be aligned to see it. 🤩 Now? ha, forget it. All Covided up now (yup, my own vocab). So that's one of my goals that I haven't quite achieved just yet.

Don't have any appts at work till 1/2 hr from now so I'm just shooting the breeze here on this site till it's close to that time. Just chilling with my laptop and coffee babbling about things rattling around in my head. Oh yeah, I did get a text from my ex wife saying happy belated birthday but it was before my birthday so there was that. I was polite and just answered thanks.
Well, I guess I can slowly get ready for the mtg and prep whatever I need to prep. Happy hump day peeps.

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