London Life
2020-12-16 14:11:29 (UTC)

Into Tier 3

Because I was leaving work early, to help clean the community centre, I logged in early, just after 9, and realised I was supposed to be at a virtual conference. It actually started at 09:30, and by logging in early (which my boss was asking me to do) I was put on a “table” where I was expected to talk to some random people. I just gave them my usual spiel about how I much prefer going into the office than working from home, I enjoy the commute, I like being surrounded by people all day, and I usually go out with Jack straight after work anyway, I don’t go straight home. (I also like wearing my tight skirts and heels in front of colleagues, but I didn’t say that).

As it was raining hard, we went to P&U for lunch again for lunch. The soup was tasty but the enchiladas was a bit hot. We’ve ran out of things to say about the view from their window, and because of the rain, there weren’t many people passing by to discuss.

Des contacted me, complaining about the way the club ran the ballot for football tickets. He thinks a handful of dedicated people should have been allowed into all the games. I said my interest had faded since the lockdown. He said I would soon recover my enthusiasm when things re-started properly, if only for the socialising. I didn’t tell him that that’s half the reason I'm losing enthusiasm: before the lockdown I was going off a lot of the people I know there, and haven’t missed most of them at all.

It was confirmed today, early, that London is moving into Tier 3 restrictions from Wednesday (the decision wasn’t going to be made until that day), which isn't unexpected. This means the comedy we were going to on Wednesday is cancelled, and neither of the two plays we planned to go to next week will be on. Football will be back behind closed doors, and we can’t sit indoors at cafes and pubs. However, unlike in the recent full lockdown, it seems the volunteering will carry on at the moment.

I decided not to help with the community centre, because there was an 80-minute gap between that one and the adventure playground task. Because I wanted to wear a rain jacket, I cycled there. A new bloke was there, Jack, who had previously volunteered in Coventry. My favourite sweetie Ellie soon arrived; I absolutely love chatting to her. We were digging holes around the supporting pillars, and I was making her laugh with my quips. She’s good at feed-in material for my humour, as well as being so sweet and charming (and she was wearing thong knickers). She also remembered I’d lost my purse when we last met. We were working with Andrew tonight, who I didn’t recognise from the other night.

Ellie asked after my lost purse, so I told her someone had found it and I’d got it back. When Ellie started to talk to a Scottish girl, Kathleen, I noticed Eilidh was a bit isolated from the conversation, so I had a quick chat with her.