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2020-12-15 22:07:00 (UTC)

Adding Friends thurs:

Those who from Ashley's Friends from Friends Thurs needed to sign up for the NFL Battles:
tamara.garciaa (Team Eagles)
__karenaguilar_ (Team Panthers)
_paulinasainz (Team Chargers)
lexarodriguezzz (Team Cardinals) (Team Chargers)
paulettee.aa (Team Vikings)
0002_al (aylin) (Team Raiders)
_evelynojeda (Team Packers)
julietarjss (Team Chargers)
paolamendozaaa_ (Team Redskins)
aylinncs (Team Browns)
kadg4 (Team Chargers)
Andrea Alvarez A (Team Chargers)
variiianaaa (Team Patriots)
damaris.v01 (Team 49ers)
glmonte (Team Giants)
scar.leth (Team Packers)
_gissellegarcia (Team Jets)
sara.flx (Team Jets)
brianaxhernandezz (Team Bengals)
giselle_ahumada (Team Bills)
chaneelortega (Team Vikings)

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