my name?

my boring life
2001-10-11 01:32:57 (UTC)


Today was kinda bad omg i hate my study hall teacher shes
sucha hoe...god i cant stand her! I had detention today it
was really boring...britt aby and jon and henery were in it
so thats cool...Vicky gave me a ride home thats sooo cool!
ha shes so nice!!!! Ahhhh i almost got in trouble for not
going to enhancement that would have been bad very bad. Ha
everyone is telling me to go out with this kid i want to
but hten again i dont...idk...confusing... this kid Chris
from burrlington asked me to go to home comming but i dont
know if i can yet...its on the 27th i dont know if thats
enough time for me to go and get a dress..maybe it is who
knows.hmmmm lifes so confusing! im listening to Weezer hash
pipe..yah arent i cool...Today Casey and Brittany were
piercing there eyebrows i was going to then i like didnt i
tried to with britt and jess in study hall but then i got
in trouble by the the teacher and she made me go to the
nurse idk why tho? kinda gay o well i gots nothing to say!