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me and my life
2020-12-15 11:30:33 (UTC)

My Heart , My Struggle and Thoughts

I have been going through a rough patch lately. Mom's health, financial crisis and no dad is unwell this all is too much to take. In all this process I forgot myself. I forgot to give priority to self. I forgot about my health, job, future I had wasted a good 1 yr of my precious life which ill never get back. In this process I wanted to count on people who helped me and I counted ZERO people. I had been through this rough alone. yes of course I did get morale support by my sis and aunt but was that enough?? I don't blame anyone as all are in their life busy with their responsibilities i expected a little from my sister but she has a toddler to look after I can understand. after if i go to Canada she has to look after mom and I'm she will more than me she is good. I then thought of my friend who calls me a bestie she has time to go to mall but she thought to see my mom or make me feel good in anyway. I would have offered help to her by giving food or by treating her to make her feel good for the hard time she would have gone through. also she made plans as per her wish when i wanted to eat out she dint even bother to come with me to make me feel good. In fact I told her ill cook biryani for her to which she agreed happily oh goshhhh this friendship is of no use. someone said true some people stay friends only for reason. bad times show you who is your real friend is and I have a good experience with that and the biggest example is V lolzzz... this way i feel alone, fool and lonely. I don't expect but if you don't have that affection don't name that relation as best. any ways chuck it...