Experienced Life
2020-12-14 09:42:20 (UTC)

Last Saturday's lingering effects 😤

Ouch, last Saturday's workout finally crept into my body and only now am I feeling it. Woke up and the muscles on my back are hurting a lot. Not my back per say but what little strands of back muscles are hurting. Dang!!! Thinking back, my core should be hurting but nope, it's not. Must've done it wrong maybe. I recall burpees, reverse burpees, sit-ups with 25 lb dumbbell and a few others but I think those three did me in. Sucks because I can't reach back there to massage it. Wish I had a gf just for 20 min to give me a back massage. haha. jk.

Things are moving really slow this morning. Not sure if I'm hurting that much or it's just a typical Monday but jump roping is to be had this morning at home. Making coffee and notice my kitchen windows are all fogged up. Must be cold outside. The only heater I got is a satellite dish type heater I got from Costco and it's only in my bedroom to save on energy. Don't need the entire house warmed up when it's only me. It's still in the 30°s right now and that's like being in Antartica for a guy from Hawaii.

Speaking of Hawaii, not sure why a flashback popped into my head but it did. I was in my car at the time with my then gf. She was 1/2 Hawaiian, 1/4 Korean, and 1/4 I forget. Anyway, it was night time and we were fogging up the windows to my car. It was a bug aka super beetle. Looking back now I wonder how we were able to do the nasty in a bug. The front seats didn't recline so it was always in the backseat. Must've been contortionists back then because a bug backseat was very small. hehe. Once we were parked and going at it and someone parked in front of us got into their car and started it up. Didn't have any tint at the time but because the windows were so fogged up, you couldn't see inside at all. Hehe. Oh the glory days of being young and stupid. Her name was Kapiolani. Cute name and she was a cute gal. The one thing I recall about her that I'll never forget is that she had long black hair. All the way to her butt.

The most daring thing I recall we did was to make love on the beach right near where the waves were close but not getting to us. We were at this cove all alone and decided (well mostly I decided) to make love then and there. I guess the thrill of getting caught maybe? Dunno. But don't knock it till you tried it. Anyway, no one came by but a big ass 747 flew overhead getting ready to land at the airport. We laughed because not one but a few hundred people had the chance to see us from above. Still, good old days in Hawaii.

That's enough reminiscing for now. Need my coffee. Later diary :)