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2020-12-14 15:19:02 (UTC)

"less is more"

Any other day on these dates I would be excited, wanting to eat the world whole, however it will be for many different reasons... this particular year I haven't felt so much that enthusiasm, it's like I'm waiting for the race to beging to truly enjoy living. When we can actually do it from where we are, choose to be happy with how little or how much we have. The irony for me at this very moment in my life is that I am trying to have a minimalist mindset in its most general realm, the tendency to reduce to the essentials, to strip myself of leftover elements. I will try to live this 2021 by this frase "less is more" in every sense of the word. I will start with the emotional things I will get rid of everything that does not belong to me, my business only, I will double filter my thoughts and try to carry out this practice as specific as possible, from there I will begin to gradually see my economy less affected, I am making a plan that if it turns out, I can achieve my short-term goals and in the long run goals as well, there are things that in their simplicity we can understand them because they are so easy to understand and we still make them complicated. There is something very beautiful about living a simple but experienced life and that is my main goal for this 2021 to live as simply as possible. Find what makes me happy and persue it as if my life depended on it.