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2020-12-13 20:24:49 (UTC)

First power nap in??? 🥱

So today, I finally hit the wall. Since coming back from surgery, it's always been go-go-go!!! But I hit the wall today. So I took my first afternoon power nap. hehe. I know it isn't news worthy but so glad to be able to post boring mundane posts than any drama filled life stuff. I'm more than ok with that. I asked Alexa to play mellow music while I slept. I woke up in a very mellow mood. hehe.

Things have been pretty peaceful. I know how you (meaning I) can be the creator of our own problems. So I've been trying to keep my nose clean and to of trouble. Well, at least I try but knowing me, I'll have enough stupid in me to do something bad just to poke the bear. I think that part is in my DNA. Sometimes when I'm told not to do something?? Well....yeah I do the opposite just....because.

But today is a good day. Friends are ok as far as I can tell. Work is not without it's challenges but more than happy to have a job that pays for my way of living. My lats and triceps still hurt a little. Fricking Spongebob arms better look better soon. Drove to the Asian market today to get some stuff you can't get at Costco or Safeway. It was purple looking rolls (I'm sure artificial colored) called ube rolls. Heidi likes them so I figure I get some for her when I bring her dinner this week on nights her family aren't home. I was craving something called lumpia. This is a filipino or asian thing that looks like egg rolls but taste way better than what you'd get at any chinese restaurant. I have to confess, I was primarily looking for me of that Red Li-hing-mui. The last good ones I had I used to put into my Costco tequila. I want some just for snacks but the ones I got from Amazon isn't the right flavor and while it's ok, it wasn't the same as I had the last time. So that's why. hehe. Through all this Covid infected high alert crap, I was just out there for a pack of dried seeds costing maybe $4. But I do what I feel so the wind blew one way and I went. Perks to living alone. No need to be organize any trips or whatever. I just go :)

Well, it's time to get up now that I had my power nap.