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2020-12-13 19:42:31 (UTC)

Recent Accomplishments

Personal entry follows.

This has been a good weekend. A good month, in general, for me personally. Regardless of my personal feelings and opinions on the world at large, the effect of the pandemic on everything, general loneliness, and a gloomy tone encroaching upon nearly every activity I consider undertaking, I have found bright spots to buoy my mood.

The guy I made the custom board game project for sent me a photograph of his family playing it, and seeing that photo was immensely gratifying.

I finished another laser-cutting project for one of my coworkers: a set of coasters for her and her husband's home bar. She's offered to pay me enough to pay for all the physical materials used to create four times as many coasters as she's requested (more than twice my break-even asking price), so... I see them as a simple, successful project.

The soap I made is really great. I like it a lot. I was debating on making soap on my own this weekend, but I reckon my soap-making partner would have been salty about it.

I completed a "secret santa" video game project, and posted it earlier today. It's definitely one of my better efforts, and personally I think it has some legitimately admirable qualities in terms of game design. Multiple victory conditions and ways to earn points, eye-catching retro graphics, evocative bleeps and bloops for sounds that take me back to the arcades... It has everything I want in a shootemup arcade game. I am hoping the recipient likes it. It was completed a week early, so there's time for me to make fixes or additions should anything else come to light.

Visited the community garden spot this weekend, dropping off some coffee grounds and other scraps while there. Did some walking to pick up dinner on Saturday, and it felt good to stretch my legs for something other than the exercise bike.

A tabletop game design I've been tinkering with has been my end-of-evening, wind-down activity through the work week, and I'm pleased that the game doesn't entirely suck. It's been an interesting puzzle to pursue. I invariably fall asleep or wake up with ideas to try, or topics and strategies to consider for the next playtest.

The final training of the year wraps up for good next week, and I begin vacation on the 21st. I'll be away from the office until next year. I go back to the shore, at my "usual spot." Provided the weather holds out, I will be doing a lot more bicycling at the shore this time, which is what I missed last month.

I've watched some worthwhile, iconic films on Kanopy lately, strictly for the entertainment value. ...Classic horror from the likes of Mario Bava and Jean Rollin.

I feel as though I accomplished a lot of interesting things this weekend, things that moved me forward personally, and didn't feel rushed or anxious about any of it. I am enormously grateful for where my life has put me these days. It could be so, so much worse.

I realize that the content of this entry is kind of like what I put in my end-of-month reflections. That's just what I feel like recording at the moment.