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2020-12-13 12:34:48 (UTC)

The first ding on my truck 😱

Man oh man!! I had parked in a spot where I wasn't comfortable with but had no choice due to the parking lot was kinda full. Usually, (new car owners I know must do this too) I park far far away hehe from all others. One good thing about Covid, lots of parking spaces. Again, I park away from the crowd. I don't mind and gives me peace of mind. This time, I had no choice. My spider sense was tingling when I parked next to this white truck with green pics and lettering on the doors. I knew it was like a company vehicle for either a landscaping business or from a big company. I knew that means the driver and passenger will not give a crap about their vehicle and less to the vehicle parked next to them. Sure enough, I come back and see not one but two big door dings about 12 inches long. It was obvious that person made it their goal to tell me "Efffe you and your truck" kind of door ding and there were two of them. Immediately, I was calculating the cost of repair. There were indents so the bodywork will be even more than just painting. At that moment, I thought what many of us always think. I was thinking "Oh please God let this be a dream!" At that moment, I actually knew I was in a dream state and poof!!! I woke up. Whew!! I swear this is true and I'm so so so so so relieved that the rare moment when I said let this be only a dream was actually true. 😱. Note to self. Maybe I need to lay off that home made modified tequila I concocted. hehe.

Needless to say, I attended church service today. Online of course and I said a few extra "amens" today for sure. This online church service is pretty nice. Don't have to worry about drinking way too much coffee in the morning and worrying about getting up during service which I think is sort of taboo in the middle of church because there are hundreds of people in attendance and they of course naturally look towards any movement in the audience. But at home? No problem Mr. :) Need another cup of coffee? That's ok too :)

Otherwise, it's still early and I have the entire day to do whatever the heck I want. Dishes and laundry are all caught up. Floors are clean. Bathrooms are also clean. One is pretty much always clean because I rarely use the other bathroom but I don't care, I'm taking credit for it being clean :) I checked on Heidi and her son and her dude is at home today so she don't need my help with food or errands. Just 22 more days before I take my truck in to get my mods installed.

Today is rest day from the gym so no gym today. I'm not hurting but I do want to rest at least one day a week from the gym. Speaking of the gym, there are some sad news there. I know of one coach that I only saw a few times. She coaches at another gym that I don't frequent too often. Only when I was stupid and would go on Sundays so I hardly knew her. Anyway, found out she go laid off after working there for 5 years. She is a single Mom of three kids and I think only around 30 years old. That was last week and I can't and won't want to even imagine how losing a job feels. Been there done that and it rips you apart inside. Especially since you didn't do anything wrong. In this case, Covid caused it. Not enough members joining and we are losing existing members re-signing soon to expire contracts because yeah....who joins a gym during a pandemic? And the Governor mandates all kinds of things like no indoor anything pretty much. I'm surprised we can still be allowed to pee in bathrooms and not outside in the open.

Last night, our regular night coach at my gym posted being just laid off. We and he didn't even realize that yesterday's class that he coached and that I was in was the last session he would coach before being laid off. That tugged my heart a little. He posted stuff like being a new homeowner. Showing his woman and his pets getting along. Christmas tree and decorations were in the background. A happy loving home. Only now, that family is messed up because he needs a job. He already asked for help on getting rehired. He posted his background was in security, construction, and of course a trainer for gyms. Sad that he is even open to other jobs when he loved coaching. He was more crazy happy being there than I was. He now just wants to keep his family financially afloat. I can't help getting him a job. We have openings at my dept but I'm in IT and Coach doesn't have experience it that field. So this is kind of a bummer to read. Sigh.... I wish I could help get him a job. All I can do is keep my ears open for anything he may be able to do.

In lighter news. I just ordered a spacer kit for my truck seat. It feels like you're in a rocket ship about to take off to the moon. It's tilted back and it's comfy so no problem there but it does feel weird tiled back like that while driving. So I got this kit that will tilt the rear of my driver's set up an inch to not get that rocket-ship-take-off feeling. I checked the reviews and it had good feedback so meh.. $40, won't break the bank so I gottem.

Well, since I got some time and my Cowboys suck this year, I'm gonna try to tackle a closet and clean/reorg it a bit. After lunch of course :)