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2020-12-13 14:56:00 (UTC)

Maris Redona Trending Pictures Part 5:

06-08-2019: Maris wearing her the Formal dress as shown for her yesterday pics.
06-09-2019: Maris on her way for the photoshoot in Bonita Vista High School Summer School Sessions.
06-10-2019: Maris holding the sign: First day of the sophomore year in 2019-2020 year
06-11-2019: Maris has her preppy outfit for her shein vibes.
06-27-2019: Maris on her lucky job day!
06-28-2019: Maris wellness awards 2019
07-10-2019: Cynthia's 18
07-13-2019: Cynthia's birthday prod
07-18-2019: Maris wears as Marga on her episode.
07-22-2019: Maris on her photoshoot in 2019-2020 sophomore year.
07-25-2019: Maris has her gas station casual outfit with her bling phone case into the security camera this morning.
07-26-2019: Maris watching princess and the frog for her romantic day.
08-09-2019: Maris and Max in 6th period
09-07-2019: Maris for her rehearsal
09-08-2019: Maris and Rolando for their performance

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