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2020-12-12 19:55:55 (UTC)

Something always pops up 🤔🙀

Gym was fun again today as always. Big class. We did an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) and that kills me because like I indicated, you go at your own pace and I go too fast too hard. I really get spent. But as always, I survived.hehe. Afterwords, I checked on my Superstar friend. She and her family are doing fine now. Checked in on Heidi and guess what? She has Covid. tsk-tsk. She got it last Monday. She said she had typical flu symptoms but she's ok now. All pain is gone. She now just can't taste nor smell. For her, she has ants in her pants so she is just going nuts being quarantined in her guest room of all things. So I came by to drop off some food she wanted. got her something from a Pho Viet restaurant. Wor won ton. I got Roast duck with egg noodle soup. The oil from the duck makes the soup taste soooooo yummy. She opened her window and we chatted for a bit before I dropped it off. She says the worse is being cooped up at home. Told her I did it for three months when I had surgery so I know how it feels.

I tried using a sleeveless hooded zippered vest that I found in the closet and it worked out pretty good at the gym. It's usually long sleeved and after 5 minutes, no matter how cold it is, it gets too fricking hot. This was perfect. It still had some air flow to it and it kept me warm where I needed it to be. So of course, I bought more of them on Amazon. Different colors this time. It actually looks pretty cool looking. Checked it out in the mirror today. Makes me look like a dorky Assassin's Creed type character. 🤪

That's it for now. Great Saturday. It's cold. I try not to turn on the heater but I do have some logs in the fireplace and it's enough to keep the family room warm. That and some Hawaiian style tequila mixed into a tequila sunrise 🍹

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