Mr. Know It All

18 ) A Day In The Life Of A Stud
2020-12-13 03:07:26 (UTC)

Saturday at the office

Well I had to go to the office today to pick up a file so naturally my good office friend thst I will call R had to do the same thing. Naturally this move was planned out on Thiursfsy. Damn she looked amazing in a nice tight pair of jeans. We went to my office siince it has no windows into the other offices

As soon as the door was locked we were wrapped in each other’s arms. Slowly working our clothes off and neatly throwing them across the office. I spent 15 min sucking her swillen big nipples whiile rubbing her clit. She got so wet. I bent her forward over my desk and had her spread her legs out as I began eating her from behind again. But this time I totally surprised her Abd began to rim her ass. She was morning so loudly from that. Saying she needed it there. I stood up Abd entered her from behind. Starting slow but getting deeper And harder. I try something eise new with her by pulling her hair Abd smacking her ass very hard. It was so exciting to her. She stops me fir a min picks yo her purse And pulls out some ky Abd says I need you Tao take me in the ass. I lube her And me up and slowly work into her. Before ling she was taking it all And begging fir it harder. She wears reaching back rubbing her clot as I smack her ass on occasion until she has a massive orgasm. So intense she collapsed powerlessly over my desk. Once she regained her composure she dropped to her knees Abd asked me to cover her face which naturally I obliged. She had several strands of cum all over her face. I grabbed a rag to help her clean up. It was amazing. We sat and kissed and cuddled fir another hour. I actuakjy had her ride me in a chair until we both came again. Naturally there was a lot of ck Iran up after the first Abd second session. She went to the bathroom and reapplied her naked up Abd we left at the sane time. We actually kissed Abd hugged outside of our cars in the garage.

This week we will spend 2 days working from home. Her hime since her hubby will be gone on a hunting trip.

Looking forward to this week.

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