London Life
2020-12-13 00:10:22 (UTC)

Race down South

Got to St Pancras station in time for the 08:00 train, despite not being able to retrieve my ticket from the machine. An earlier train to Brighton arrived while I was waiting, but it was stopping at three extra stations and I couldn’t find out in time, whether it got to Brighton before mine. I caught the wrong train, to Sutton, but changed at Farringdon. Then my train was five minutes late but I got a good connection at Brighton and found the way to the race reception while talking to an older lady. It wasn’t busy at all, considering that everyone had to pick up their race numbers on the day. I chatted to Katy briefly before realising that I didn’t have to wait until my start time of 10:10, you could just run over the start line and get going.

The race started with a lot of uphill. I thought I coud make up the time on the downhill bits, but they were too muddy and slippery. There were a lot more hills, more muddy bits and when it got flat, stony bits, which my trail shoes didn’t give much protection against. The course was very attractive but I spent a lot of the time looking at the ground, checking the terrain. At one point, my lace got tangled up with barbed wire, the hole for the lace broke, and I thought they’d never stay tied up again. Eventually I managed a fast bit near the end, but my overall time for 15km was more like a half-marathon time. My lungs had plenty left in them but my legs were stiff after all the hills.

Near the end a runner ran past me wearing a distinctive Father Christmas skirt, and said “hello Lisa” as she passed. I thought it was Sarah M, but when I saw her after I finished, I didn’t recognise her at all. After getting my bag, she’d disappeared before I could speak to her. It wouldn’t be the first time someone had recognised me that I didn’t know who it was.

I texted Katie who said she’d done only the 5km, had got cold and left. I texted Sally to say I’d finished but didn’t hear back from her until I was coming into Brighton. I hung around the station until she said she was on her way and we walked down towards the sea.

We looked in one pub that was too busy. The waitress recommended trying the Weatherspoons or the pizza place. The Weatherspoons had a big queue outside. I was surprised the waitress had mentioned a pizza place, but this was because of the rule that you can’t drink inside pubs at the moment without having a “substantial meal”. So we got pizzas with a couple of Peronis each.

I’d had enough of chatting by then and pointed out that Sally’s ticket went back to Victoria, so we couldn’t get the same train anyway. We’d missed Vicky who’d finished her race ten minutes before me and soon left. Which was a shame as I always prefer to chat to at least two other people. On the way back, at first I sat diagonally opposite a girl in a tiny tight skirt, wide-mesh fishnet tights, and over-knee socks. Great to see a girl dressed like that on a Saturday afternoon train.

At home the drink was beginning to affect me. I looked at some semi-porn stills, of a girl about to get married and her bridesmaides, then I collated a lot of information for my next article. I tried to order some food from What The Pitta, but couldn’t get the Ddeliveroo site to accept either of my cards.