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2020-12-10 20:34:47 (UTC)

Today, and maybe the Future

Dear Diary,
What's up? How are ya'll? Cause I'm nervous and scared. Today's Friday, and I have a huge project due on Monday. I've started a while ago and done some of it, but I don't know if I'll finish it or if I'm gonna just procrastinate the entire weekend. I'm kinda tired right now, but I don't really feel like sleeping. I wanted to make Rice Krispy treats today since we have the ingredients, but it's getting kinda late, and I can't. This entry is just, random. Yesterday, ma and my sister were talking about our friends, and I realized that I truly didn't have any. I mean yeah, I have their numbers on my phone, and I've known them for a while. But do the call or text me? No. Do they act like I'm important to them? No. Am I a second option to them? Yes. I'm just, tired. I mean, I don't really need friends per say, I just, wish I had someone I could talk to. I've been really bored this quarantine, and I've just been talking to the same people for the past few months already. It's kinda crazy how 2020 has made so many people miserable, even though we're just staying home. People used to make jokes about this virus, but getting really serious; more serious than we thought too. I kinda can't wait until I live on my own. I can do whatever I want without judgement. I really want to live in like a forest, beside a stream, and grow my own food. Y'know like cottagecore and witches. I wanna live away from people in general really. Well, that's all I'mma type for now. Maybe I'll type later, but whatever. Bye, take care of yourselves! Please don't hurt yourself. I'd be really sad Darling.