London Life
2020-12-11 21:57:32 (UTC)

Wednesday to Friday

Went to Ellie’s for lunch, it was nice to be able to sit in. I was supposed to leave at 18:00 for tonight’s task, but messed about looking at sexy hip-hop videos, had to quickly finish some work before I got ready and arrived a couple of minutes late. I was never going to get lost, as it was the easy part of my bike route to Tottenham, but it’s always a shame to miss the chance of a good chat. I made fun of Nurj for apparently wearing a sleeping bag so I had to tell her I was cold at the end. I had a brief chat with Sam who’d found a random picture of a trunk to illustrate our task the other night. Sarah M, who I last saw when she brought me round some potatoes during the first lockdown, was organising some leafletting, but it never seemed very organised as no-one seemed entirely sure which houses they’d already delivered to. I had a brief chat with Geraldine about forthcoming hikes, though she didn’t seem as pretty as before, and also to confident Niamh who’s house we passed. Afterwards I ran back as far as Manor House with Jacqui. She said there’ve been six applicants for the vacant organiser post.

Lunch at our local P&U. We worked out that the flats we thought were being built, with windows only at the top, are actually some kind of storage building. Had to leave at 17:00 to get to a gardening task in Barnsbury. There were originally six signed up, but only three made it in the end. It was an early start, 17:30, probably so Simon could run his film club. Having dug out a large plant, I did something I didn’t enjoy, trying to split the plants in two, by me plonking my fork in and stronger Simon trying to pull off the other half with his fork. I did have a bit of a chat with him, but I was worried we weren’t able to distance properly, and I always prefer talking to girls. The other participant was Andrew, who I hadn’t met before; he usually does solo tasks.

I ran from there to Soho, where we saw Nish Kumar. He’s got good delivery, but like on his television show, he makes good political points without actually saying anything very funny. None of the five or six supports were worth writing about. It was organised by Haven coffee, an ethical brand. We went to the same event, in Islington on election night, almost a year ago. We got free raffle tickets, and both won, as we often seem to. The prizes were bags of their coffee, an ice cream voucher and stirring spoon, and random paperbacks.
I felt cold during the event, and didn’t fancy running home while Jack cycled, so I got the Tube. He was staying at his parents’ house for two nights; they're getting the Covid vaccine tomorrow and his mum was in a bit of a panic.

Got down to some work as well as doing the Top 100 on time, though I feel the chart is getting a bit boring. There might be a lack of band material due to the pandemic. I also spent the day playing contenders for my chart of the year. I went out at lunch, down the High Street wondering if I could get any gloves. I forgot to take a face cover but I thought there might be a stall somewhere.
In the evening, I was looking for an email which I’d been promised about tomorrow’s run, but I hadn’t received it. I was trying to get some info off Sally (such as what train she was getting) but I didn’t know what time I was supposed to arrive. Although she was in the pub, she managed to guide me to an earlier message confirming the time I’d selected myself, but I don't know whether we'll get the same train.
I also attended the virtual FSA AGM, which was mainly procedural, and only considered about two other motions.