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me and my life
2020-12-11 16:54:52 (UTC)


I feel lonely not just because of only V but now even mom has fallen out of my all activities like watching movie, going out for a movie or resto or even accompanying me in eating anything we make at home or even going for grocery. I go alone everywhere. All of sudden I have become alone. And i feel lonely no one to talk or joke around, no one to meet or have fun with. I do everything alone. I have no one to share my food or even to chat like I did with v. How can he leave me 😔alone like this. I sometimes wonder does he miss me? Does he cry for me like I do? Does anything reminds him of me, has he ever thought of calling or texting me, does he read our old messages I like do? Am sure he has forgotten me already so is why he didn't even revert me on my future letters. Bloody cold hearted. Nothing but the only thing that makes me aag babula is how he gave up on me soooo easily. Not only my heart aches but mu blood burns. How we were like 2 bodies and one soul. How we were so good together. How we complimented each other everytime on little things, how we liked everything about each other, how we were in to each other. I miss that all. Cooking for each other was the best thing we did for each other, talking on how we can improve our careers. Everything is over. Everything ended so easily and unexpectedly. I miss everything about him, my heart knows how I miss him, how each thing makes me remember him. Am still not over him I guess. Something in the rain osts make me miss him more and i end up crying in a sec. Sometimes I pretend that we met and we patched up, sometimes I makes tories inh head what if he suddenly appears in front of me what I will say, what if he surprise me and come to see me to fix things ohhhh am so stupid. Soo soo soooo stupid. How I feel the time I was beside him was so precious I was casual back then but how much I value that. Each details on his face, his voice, eyes, touch body language everything is missed and I hate myself for that.
Phewww I should see someone very soon. Yes yes am concentrating on myself too... Am still contemplating about Canada I dnt want to feel miserable late on. As I have to start everything from start over there. But I want to do something good with my life. I hope I'll one day and soon.
Trying hard for job as well. I need to find asapppppp fucking asap.
Hate missing that moron.. Stop Karunaaaaa stop missing him he doesn't care about you at allll he was a fucking liars and not trust worthy and not worth for you.... Also I should stop watching Romantic sweet kdramas... Lol. Cya gn