Do Not Disturb

2020-12-10 22:54:39 (UTC)


Now I regret telling him that I like him and when I told him that I liked him all he had to say was okay and that he has a girlfriend which is true he has a girlfriend. He's not gonna leave his girlfriend for me and that's also what he said. All of what he said really hurted me and now he wonders why I waited months to tell him how I feel about him and all I get is an okay.?!

I don't know how I feel about this. He doesn't date co-workers he said and that I'm just his friend which I don't know if I want to be his friend anymore. I only go to him for advice which I might stop doing. I felt like crying which I didn't as much because I knew what wss coming when to at least expected like he was saying it like I was ugly when he said," Did I thi k I was gonna leave his girlfriend for me ?" And I knew right then and their I couldn't do it anymore. I was heartbroken. A little dramatic but it's true.

I thought Carl stopped texting me after we had sex like guys normally do but he didn't. He said his phone was off but its back on now and that he might see me Sunday because I'm off.

I work tomorrow and Saturday. Yes they made me work when I should be off. I hate when we close at 12.

9:19 PM

Went to get some salad from Joe's Again before they closed. Carl told me that he's not trying to rush into a relationship right now and that he wants us to " just do us right now and see if we work" bullshit.

Was on the phon with Dioor all day well for about an hour then hopped off because my phone wasn't charging for some reason but now it is. We had a good little chat and had a few laughs in as well.

Nigel told me that he wasn't ready for a relationship right now and that he's trying to get his life together.

Is all guys aren't ready for a relationship right now ?

I mean I'm not ready for a relationship but I want a relationship but I don't want to get hurt again kind of thing.

Me and Carl might see each other Sunday since I'm off work.

I've started writing a blog on wordpress I don't know if anyone will be interested into reading it. I've only wrote one post so far.

Does the website works when we link stuff on here this diary website. Idk.

Anyways, here it is.

- A

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