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2020-12-22 19:49:00 (UTC)

Collided: May 20, 2016:



Clip: Blocking Messages:
At School: Computer Lab Room 3:
Brisa: America! (hugs)
America: Brisa Cantu! (hugs)
Brisa: Umm, I found some of these blackmail messages from my social media.
America: (goes on my phone) (Opens the Messenger App, and scrolls down the photos from Paola Rubio) Umm what do you search?
Brisa: Esteban.
America: Esteban G? Your ex. I will tell him right now.
Brisa: Okay. (phone call rings) Gian!
(Gian: Brisa Cantu, Your ex boyfriend is kissing right now)
Brisa: Gian, That is not the time to rumor some of my ex!
(Gian: See, I stabbed Kim)
Brisa: Gian, Kim left already! (gets my assignment) Computer art is due!
(Gian: I did!)
(America's phone messenger blocked from Esteban)
America: He blocked you right now.
Brisa: Gian, I have to go, bye! (end phone call) What? (looks at your phone, and sees Esteban and Kari kissing) It was Dallet!
Esteban D: Brisa, I got you back! Thank you. I send it.
Brisa: Esteban, this is America.
America: Hi.
Esteban D: Hi, I am with Brisa's close friend.
America: Oh cool.
Esteban D: We just might Brisa to stay with us for not going to Boys Table.
America: (laughs) So you pulled Brisa?
Esteban D: Yeah.

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