jhopi’s diary
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2020-12-10 00:00:00 (UTC)

Sunshine Fun Feb. 20

YES!! we're finally here! my aunts getting ready in the bathroom to head out cause it's the perfect morning to leave this Very Niceu hotel and check some places out before we go to SeaWorLDDDvbsufcbhdsnkj..yes i wrote those letters out but anyways. my little cousin's playing her switch trying to get better at mario kart so she doesn't lose so many times in a row against me. too bad my AUNTS A PRO! like how does she do it, bet she isn't human either. probably from some real marvel super hero thing and real good at hiding it. i'm already dressed in my black long-sleeved shirt and black/green shorts. It is sunny, but will get a bit cloudy later so I think black is fine. :) i want to be prepared if i get drentched in water since i want to be in the front of the show! i'm so excited i just want to scribble all over my paper till I gEt TiReD skskkssk!!!!!!!!!!!! atleast we have 3 more days off before i go back to school too! that's thursady i think :P Yay! ima go eat and tell ya'll about it later, or maybe while i get all them flavours!!