Camila Maita 🍁

Camila's Photo Album Playlist
2020-12-10 01:16:00 (UTC)

Shoutout: December 10, 2020: Friends Thurs:

3 People Only:
5 Rounds Each:
1st Round: Olmos, Paulina Z, and Poptart (He shown his photoshoot with Maris 2 years)
2nd Round: Geovanna, Basti 0314 and Gigi
3rd Round: Brisa, Camila and Rolan.
4th Round: Alexa Fernanda M, Santi, Abby (ORHS 2016).
5th Round (Last Round): Yassi R, Jenni R and Lugo.

Winners: Paulina Z, Basti, RoMila, Abby ORHS 2016 and Jenni R.

Not Going:
Norma A
Stefania S
Symantha P
Stefi Padilla
Celeste Marie
Thea Lopez

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