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The Diary of a Romanian Girl
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2020-12-10 02:18:53 (UTC)

Colțescu and UEFA case

How you already know, I am romanian. I will not support this man ( the referee Sebastian Colțescu) just because he is romanian. I support him because in my opinion he did nothing wrong.
Let me explain.
The whole referee group were romanians and they can use their own language (romanian) to talk between them and this guy ( which Coltescu called "Ăla negru" because he didn't know his name) made a whole scene about racism when it was not like that. The only thing that man heard was "negru" (black) which sounds exactly like "negro". This was the whole problem. The confusion. The turkish people took it personally the same as this black person.
Just tell me, how would you call a person who is the only one black person in a group of whites and you don't know his name? How? Not "that black person"? or "that white person" if it was vice versa?
What tf is so offensive in that ? It's not racism to call a person by his skin color especially when he is the only one different from that group.
What makes me so angry? The fact that all of you can be racist and call us gypsies absolutely everywhere, in sports, arts, etc, and you are not considered racists, but a little "mistake", a small word spoken of one of us it's a big deal. Seriously ?
Let's remember about Hebdo and Simona Halep, the cartoon after she won the Rolland Garros. So that's okay, no ?
What about all the times when we, romanians, are called gypsies even tho we don't have anything in common with them ? Because most you are uneducated and arrogant and don't know how to make the difference between to be part of a country and ethnicity. Not all romanians are gypsies. It's so easy to educate yourself.

We live in a world where the word "black" is an offense. If you say "gay", "lesbian", "trans", it can also be offensive. You don't have the liberty to express your opinion, to talk freely about something, to call a person black if he is black or white or anything. People are so sensitive and take everything to the extreme. I support LGBTQ, BLM, but not everything that is said about that it racist. Stop making these political. Stop thinking that if you describe a person as black, it's racism. It is not.

I am disgusted about this world, about this theater and drama plays. About this ignorace and arogance. The hatred.
But in the same time I am proud. I am proud to be romanian.
We don't have the best gouverment, the best life status, currency, people, because we also fight with the old communistisc ideas, homophobia, racism, sexism, more rights for women, but we fight. We fight so hard for all of these. To be good. All the bad words from the world don't make us go down. We take them, talk internally and don't say a fking word about all of your hate. This is what makes us stronger and braver. The silence.
It will come the day when we will not be your stupid "gypsies" anymore.
You'll see. We can do great things too, but you should open your eyes and accept them. To be more understanding and caring.